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The Girl and Her Store Credit

It is amazing how many useless items I buy that just become clutter. As I have been cleaning, I am starting to notice how many toys, books, clothes and other objects that I just “had” to have. These things are simply adding stress to my life as they take up space, require maintenance and becoming an general reminder of my over-spending issue. Last week, I started to wonder how many items could I return for store credit. It turns out that the cashiers will give you the side eye and general attitude as they document you for potential stealing and then returning of items. However, once its done and you appear to be an honest human being, they fork over a giftcard for store credit or even cash!  Here’s a list of what I was able to get thus far:

  1. Lakestore Learning – $18.94
  2. Staples – $6.46
  3. Ross – $8.07
  4. Fry’s Grocery Store – $3.76
  5. Hobby Lobby – $13.69 cash!

I only had one item rejected as the store no longer carried that item. Not bad for items that were just sitting around the house collecting dust! The best news is that the value of the store credit doesn’t expire so I have plenty of time to use it on something I might actually need!

Tip of the day: If you find unopened items in your house or clothes that still have tags on them, try to return it for store credit! If you haven’t worn or used in 30 days, do really need the item?


Time for No-Spend September and getting off of #teambroke

September just started. Literally we are on day 1 and we are out of money again. This keeps happening. For a self-proclaimed frugal minimalist, I sure seem to broke quite often. I have done so well in the past, but I guess its a life-long journey to remain debt-free except the mortgage. I don’t know if we are still living like we have two full time incomes or just the price of life has gone up. I am going to use September to figure this all out.

The goal for September – stick to budget, lower expenses, say no and put down the credit card. I plan to share what I do to save money and how much money I spend daily. I am hoping blogging will keep me accountable because these last several months have been ridiculous. I am over overspending and having no money to put towards savings each month. I am tired of having more month than money!

September 1st:
Money Spend: $0
Money Earned: $0
Days Until Paycheck: 14
Saving Goals for the week: Pack lunches, “shop the pantry” for meals and find free things to do with the kids over the long weekend. Return Hobby Lobby items for cash.

I am open to feedback, encouragement, judging, you name it! I need to get back on the bandwagon! It all starts now.

Carefully Watching

I’m back from the mini-vacation and getting ready for 12 straight days of work. Now that I am back, I plan on watching our finances pretty closely. I have gotten our credit back down to zero and hoping it will stay like that for the rest of this month. We don’t have much money on hand, but I am determined to end this month better than it started. We had plans on going to dinner on Monday to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday. She must have sense our money woes and suggested we eat at home instead. I was hesitant to change our plans, but my husband convinced me that we would really save a lot of money if we just cooked. I am still taking her to a mini-spa day, but I am happy that we don’t have to add a dinner for 8 on top of it. She’s also still talking about giving us money, so well see about that. She wants me to make a list of all the expense we want her to pay for. That seems so awkward, but I guess I’ll do it. Now is not the time to be proud.

Today was some what successful. I knew I needed to buy food for the week and spend the least amount of money. My husband says I always stress out when I have company and overbuy things we don’t need. He might be right. Since our company is on the way out, I decided to look around to see if any recent purchases I could return. Turns out I had $51.32 worth from Target, $38.36 from Justice clothing store and $9.08 from Gap. Much of this was clothing and accessories for our family photo. I didn’t know what we were doing, but got clarity once the family started arriving. Anyways, groceries ended up to be $149.34. I used a $43 Visa gift card that my husband got from work for $41.93 of it. It was exciting to only pay about $8 for groceries. Obviously, I have to wait to see the money back on my card as credit. But still, its great after a weekend of spending money to not spend that much on groceries.

We have quite a few expenses to get through before April 1st. Can I do it? I hope so!