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Bad Decisions Rant

<rant> It was just that kind of day where bad decisions were made all around. We’ve once again reached the point in the month that our credit card balance is more than the cash we have on hand. Simply put, $700+ in plane tickets and my husband’s trip to Vegas were expenses we couldn’t afford. My husband called me this morning and said he was driving back with a friend. Why he couldn’t have done this in the first place and not booked a plane ticket a few weeks back is beyond me. He literally let money fly away. After that call, I decided to go out to eat with the kids. Sure, I could have cooked and saved money. But its hard to stay motivated when you are the only one trying. 

I’ve tried to have conversations about money with my husband in the past. I think it boils down to the fact that he makes a lot more than I do. We both work hard, but his job and career yields more income into the family. We want different things and it seems like we are always fighting over what is more important. He believes we should spend money on experiences and making memories. He’s also pretty content with our house whereas I really want a new home. I just don’t know how to be successful in this! Ugh, I’m so over being stressed about money.  </rant>