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Time for No-Spend September and getting off of #teambroke

September just started. Literally we are on day 1 and we are out of money again. This keeps happening. For a self-proclaimed frugal minimalist, I sure seem to broke quite often. I have done so well in the past, but I guess its a life-long journey to remain debt-free except the mortgage. I don’t know if we are still living like we have two full time incomes or just the price of life has gone up. I am going to use September to figure this all out.

The goal for September – stick to budget, lower expenses, say no and put down the credit card. I plan to share what I do to save money and how much money I spend daily. I am hoping blogging will keep me accountable because these last several months have been ridiculous. I am over overspending and having no money to put towards savings each month. I am tired of having more month than money!

September 1st:
Money Spend: $0
Money Earned: $0
Days Until Paycheck: 14
Saving Goals for the week: Pack lunches, “shop the pantry” for meals and find free things to do with the kids over the long weekend. Return Hobby Lobby items for cash.

I am open to feedback, encouragement, judging, you name it! I need to get back on the bandwagon! It all starts now.


And the non-spending continues

Several day update…

2/6 – $2.15 It was Friday at 8pm and I hadn’t spent a penny. On the way home from a kids’ activity, the children start asking for treats. My son wants french fries and my daughter is craving ice cream. My son literally starts crying when I tell him we are going to eat something at home. There are few things he can actually eat that he enjoys with fries being an absolute favorite. I know I should say no for reasons including budgeting, no spending goals and general good parenting, but I cave. I have a Wendy’s key tag that gives us free Jr. Frosty with purchase. $2.15 on medium fries and free ice cream. Cheap treat, but still money spent.

2/7 – Zero spending – Day #3

2/8 – Zero spending – Day #4 – I did pick up a few food items at Fresh and Easy, a regional grocery store. However, I used $8 worth of rewards points and none of my own money!

2/9 – Zero spending – Day #5

I am learning quite a lot about our spending as I do this. I definitely didn’t realize how many times I buy the kids’ snacks. I am also facing major roadblocks with meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking, but that’s for another blog post. For now, its great to have a growing awareness of the leaks in our budget!

I am on a roll!

Catching up!

My week became extremely busy and I lost track of keeping track. Here’s a recap of where I am at:

2/3 – Zero spending

2/4 – Spending:

Gas: $34.56
Target: $40.65 (general household items like Advil and soap)
Son’s doctor’s appointment: $15
Parents night out for Feb 13: $20

2/5 – So, here’s what happened:

My daughter had a belt test in her taekwondo class. The instructor announced at the beginning of the ceremony that each kid would get tested, earn their belts and then the parents would take the kids out for ice cream. I am not really sure why he decided to say that! Sure enough, my kids were begging for ice cream at the end. I thought about my no-spending day challenge and how I had gone the whole day without spending. I tried to come up with a way to get free ice cream for a few minutes, but then caved. I sold some of their clothes for $15 the day before, so I used that money to purchase $6.48 worth of frozen yogurt.

So far, only two days of non-spending.