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Time for No-Spend September and getting off of #teambroke

September just started. Literally we are on day 1 and we are out of money again. This keeps happening. For a self-proclaimed frugal minimalist, I sure seem to broke quite often. I have done so well in the past, but I guess its a life-long journey to remain debt-free except the mortgage. I don’t know if we are still living like we have two full time incomes or just the price of life has gone up. I am going to use September to figure this all out.

The goal for September – stick to budget, lower expenses, say no and put down the credit card. I plan to share what I do to save money and how much money I spend daily. I am hoping blogging will keep me accountable because these last several months have been ridiculous. I am over overspending and having no money to put towards savings each month. I am tired of having more month than money!

September 1st:
Money Spend: $0
Money Earned: $0
Days Until Paycheck: 14
Saving Goals for the week: Pack lunches, “shop the pantry” for meals and find free things to do with the kids over the long weekend. Return Hobby Lobby items for cash.

I am open to feedback, encouragement, judging, you name it! I need to get back on the bandwagon! It all starts now.


On your mark, get set…February!

Tomorrow is a celebration of my 6 month-long endurance as a football widow! Some may call it the Super Bowl; I have termed it “The final day of the missing husband”. It is also the first day of February! Every February, I take advantage of the shorter month to pull back and try to spend the least amount possible. I’ve done different versions of this each year; here are the rules I will engage this year!

  1. Have more “no spending” days than days when I spend money. The minimum goal is 15, but I’ll take more!
  2. Only spend according to my strict budget (I am supposed to do this every month actually). See below for budget.
  3. Track all spending by daily blog entries outlining where my money went for all my readers to see (and judge! yes, I am giving permission).

Gas…………….$350 (hopefully prices stay low and I can save money in this area)
Food……………$525 (about $131 a week)
Eating out…….$200 (This is mostly for my hubby who refuses to brown bag!)
Other…………..$300 (the goal is to keep this as low as possible by not spending)

What goals do you have for the short month?

Finance Saturday: My February Challenge

I have been mentioned on several posts that I wanted to do an amazing money challenge for the month of February. Now that it is the first of the month, I am revealing how I will be challenging myself. Drumroll please! My goal for the shortest month of the year is *to end the month with a zero balance on my credit card*! Mind-blowing I know.

So here’s the deal. My husband is traveling to Vegas next weekend and I still need to buy those plane tickets for his folks. With my son’s new allergy revelation, I will be trying (and hopefully not wasting) some new food in order to get his diet right. All of that amounts to quite a lot of money that isn’t in our normal budget. Instead of creating strict rules (cash only, no spending), I am going to give myself a little break and just try to keep up with the outgoing cash flow. Trust me, it will be a hardship.

Side note: I have been doing quite a lot of research on his allergies and I am definitely feeling better about it. Since his diet is already so restricted, some of his favorite foods are already gluten free. I freaked out because most of them do have oils made from soy, coconut, etc. But I learned today that in the process of making oil, the protein which causes the allergy is usually removed. My plan is to just remove wheat from his diet and see if it does the trick.

I hope you are having a great weekend!