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A December to Remember

My email inbox has been bombarded last week beginning with pre-Black Friday sales, continuing on to small business Saturday, cyber Monday and finally ending with #givingTuesday. Every company on the planet that I ever spent money at and many that I have never shopped at or donated to sent me a reminder to buy or give. Part of me wishes tomorrow someone would start a trend of #nospendwednesday in celebration of the end of spam your email.

December is now upon us. I am excited that my kids’ activities are winding down this week. Although I have planned to maxi out my hours at work to 29 to attack the AC bill, our schedule will be lighter. I hope to spend more time doing fun activities with the kids at home. We really enjoyed our Thanksgiving break and love that we have more holiday time to relax! My goals for this month are simple: pay off the AC bill and enjoy my family! Should be great!


Celebrating Family

I am a little bit quirky. I don’t like when I am forced to celebrate parts of human identity that I believe should be celebrated everyday. Days like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day annoy me because it is an honor to serve in these roles. When I see my husband being an excellent father, I try to remember to thank him in that moment.

On Mother’s Day, my hubby wanted to take me out to eat with the kids. I declined and instead asked for him to wash, dry, fold and put away the laundry (something he never does). He replied that he would only do it if I agreed to go to a restaurant on Mother’s Day. Thinking about our budget and knowing we had a $26.00 restaurant gift card coming to us in a few days, I offered to postpone when there would be less crowds. He agreed and being the great husband that he is, he did the laundry anyways.

Last Sunday, he reminded me of our deal so we enjoyed breakfast at Mimi’s cafe.  As we were waiting for our food, I caught an amazing moment between father and son. King was sharing something only a four year old would find amusing and my husband was giving him all of his attention. I am not a huge sharer of photos of the kids online, but this one warms my heart.




Money Conversations – Part 2

Today my husband and I went to get his retirement plans order. We met with the same lady I met with on Friday, but spend a little more time in her office. His plans are a bit more complex as he has the option to pick how his plans are invested. We switched over some of his plans that were very conservative to a little more aggressive. Finally, we switched his Roth IRA from Primerica to a non-fee one. It felt odd to be talking about years like 2040 and 2050, but I am happy we did this retirement tune up.

Since we were both off work, I suggested we grab a quick lunch at a restaurant nearby. We could have ate at home, but I wanted a space to sit down and talk about money. I had a feeling that if we went home, we would get distracted by life and not have this conversation. Our talk was really productive. It was tense at first with a bit of blaming. He shared how my constant nagging over finances and comments about how we are over budget aren’t helpful. I countered by saying that I didn’t how else to emphasize the gravity of our financial situation. I also added that overspending every month is a horrible financial plan both now and when we retire. Learning to spend within our means is a habit we should develop immediately. In the end, we agreed to review our finances and budget each week. We are also going to take a good look together at our expenses and see what we could reduce. It was definitely a conversation that needed to be had and we both left feeling like we have a game plan going forward.

The $17 we spent on lunch was definitely worth it!