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Money Conversations – Part 2

Today my husband and I went to get his retirement plans order. We met with the same lady I met with on Friday, but spend a little more time in her office. His plans are a bit more complex as he has the option to pick how his plans are invested. We switched over some of his plans that were very conservative to a little more aggressive. Finally, we switched his Roth IRA from Primerica to a non-fee one. It felt odd to be talking about years like 2040 and 2050, but I am happy we did this retirement tune up.

Since we were both off work, I suggested we grab a quick lunch at a restaurant nearby. We could have ate at home, but I wanted a space to sit down and talk about money. I had a feeling that if we went home, we would get distracted by life and not have this conversation. Our talk was really productive. It was tense at first with a bit of blaming. He shared how my constant nagging over finances and comments about how we are over budget aren’t helpful. I countered by saying that I didn’t how else to emphasize the gravity of our financial situation. I also added that overspending every month is a horrible financial plan both now and when we retire. Learning to spend within our means is a habit we should develop immediately. In the end, we agreed to review our finances and budget each week. We are also going to take a good look together at our expenses and see what we could reduce. It was definitely a conversation that needed to be had and we both left feeling like we have a game plan going forward.

The $17 we spent on lunch was definitely worth it!