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More Yoga Please

I truly love practicing yoga. When I am in the midst of an amazing flow and my mind is concentrating solely on my body’s possibilities, I feel a true sense of balance. There is no dwelling in the past or fear of the future. Just me and my mat working with my body to push beyond the limits of what my mind thinks is possible. However, even with my love for it, I find myself lazy some days. Yesterday, my friend and I checked out a “karma” class and it was fantastic. After the class, we couldn’t stop discussing the powerful transitions and flows the teacher had for us. Yet, somehow I couldn’t convince myself to practice today. I wanted to go to a yin yang class on some level. But the part of me that didn’t want to go won. At first I was hard on myself, but then I realized I need to listen to my body. Perhaps my muscle needed a rest before I jumped into another class less than 24 hours later. Listening to your body is a huge part of yoga even if that means staying off the mat.

I really feel like yoga is changing me and allowing me to be more balance in my thoughts and actions. While its helping me physically to learn to balance, its also allowing me to gain balance in other areas too! I simply love it!