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Bye, bye wonderful November!

My favorite month is coming to a close. I haven’t been able to blog as much as I like due to some reoccurring wrist issues. Since I type all day at work, I have been trying to give a hands a bit of break. My job was nice enough to do an ergonomics check and get me a hand rest. I am not sure its getting any better, but well see. Yay, the joys of aging.

Nonetheless, I am super proud of my finances for the month. I was able to reduce our AC bill by around $3000 leaving the current total at $2530.78. Trust me, this was not an easy task. I increased my hours significantly at work. My husband also got a $600 bonus at work and $50 gift card. I sold some of my kids old clothes, stayed in and said no as much as possible. I used coupons, redeemed my shopkick points and used some old giftcards I had been holding on to. While it was not fun nor sustainable for the long run, it is wonderful to see the bill shrink away!

Its weird how when I don’t spend money, it makes be more wary of shopping but also crave it! I have really been good at evaluating what I need and only buying that. But I just really want to shop. Maybe its all the commercials on TV or the great items that seem to be on sale everywhere. Or being at home has focused my mind on all the things I wish I could have. I am trying to resist day by day and appreciate what I have. It seems so hard though!