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Birthday Blues

Today is my birthday whether I like it or not! While I slowly creep towards 40, I am finding each birthday as nerve-racking as the one before. My best friend shared the cliche, “40 is the new 30!” Whatever that is supposed to mean, its not helping. I am not sure why I see 40 as something scary. I am enjoying much of my life and the decisions I have made thus far. I have a great family, working part-time and mostly out of debt (AC loan and home only). Still I feel unprepared to be a women in my forties! Luckily I have a few more years to learn to embrace the idea!

As far as the financial front, we are not doing as well as I hoped. I have managed to get in two more no spending days (the 9th and 11th), bring my total up to four so far. I’ve been trying really hard to use cash only and stay away from my credit card. After the whole ATM stealing money, I am finding cash very refreshing actually. With all that being said, I am still disappointed to report that we are probably going to end up spending more money than we made again this pay period. It is extremely frustration especially when you have been watching your money so careful. It is impossible to save and/or pay off debt when you are constantly using money you haven’t earned yet.

My husband asked me what I was going to do on my birthday. Visit the nail salon? Go shopping? Go out to eat? Originally I had budgeted some fun money for today, but somehow it got used. I was watching an episode of the TV show “About a Boy” the other night and the main character is shown napping during the day. When asked what he was doing, he said he was saving money because he can’t spend any money when he’s sleeping. Maybe I’ll just take a long birthday nap!


5 days in

I am not sure where the first five days of this month went. So far, I’ve only had one day of no spending, the first day. Its been harder than I remember to get in the grove. I keep remember things I need to purchase and end up spending money everyday. When I was more in the habit of this, I was good at reviewing the week, listing what I need to buy and shopping once a week for those items. This not only helped reduce spending, but my over organization. Definitely need to get back to doing this!

While I was pretty confident we’d stay on budget this month, I am not longer convinced. We had a few unexpected expenses come up AGAIN! Actually, if I kept an annual budget, I would have known and planned for my car registration. But no, I didn’t. And now that expense is due at the end of this month. Of course, I’m going to keep trying and hope for the best. However, with our vacation and daughter’s birthday, it’ll be a struggle! Stay tuned!