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A Stream of Thoughts

This weekend was unintentionally busy one for me. I had to work on Saturday and some on Monday as well which ate into relaxing time.  It all seems like a blur; a “three day weekend” ending suddenly as I face work again tomorrow. I have been preoccupied and distracted. Since I have not had a chance to actively pursue my goals, I feel as if they are slipping away into the land of unfulfilled resolutions. I need to regain focus again! Its only the 20th of January! From now on, I am going to hold myself accountable on a weekly basis! I will continuously review my goals so I can gauge what need more focus and so that I can remember what I am supposed to be doing. Naturally, some goals get more attention. With a review, I can balance my focus on all areas including the one’s I am most likely to forget.

With that, here’s my update. If its not listed, no progress has been made!


  1. Emergency fund – $192
  2. No spending days for January – 5
  3. Open a college savings account for our son – I started but the application wants his social security number which I have to find.
  4. Get our retirement accounts in order – I made a list of them, found the account logins and added them to my account. Now at least I can monitor them with the rest of my accounts.


  1. High blood pressure – I’ve stopped taking my medication and have managed to keep the levels in the pre-hypertension range. I still have a way to go, but I feel much better!
  2. Exercise – I work out about 2-3 times a week now between yoga, Zumba and Pilates at a local yoga studio. Its been a lot of fun to start back moving my body.

As you can see, there are a lot missing work on goals. However, I am glad that I have started making some changes! Hopefully as the weeks roll on, I will find more balance in what I am striving for!


Off My Meds!

Since being diagnosed with high blood pressure, I believe I have done a pretty good job of lowering it. The first thing I did was stop drinking coffee and switching to black tea. I thought this would be difficult since I have been drinking it religiously since the age of 16. My doctor said that for some individuals, coffee make the heart rate increase (which is how it wakes you up) and that it remains high for some. The first thing I would do in the morning (almost even before opening my eyes) make a cup of coffee. Now that I drink tea, I find myself having my tea as the last thing I do before leaving the house. I have tried for years to switch to tea, but never really could do it. Part of my success I believe is that I finally found a tea I like drinking! TAZO’s (aka Starbucks) Awake English Breakfast tea is rich and flavorful! My goal is to switch to green tea (which has lower caffeine than black), then to white and finally land on herbal. But I have yet to find a green tea that doesn’t taste like grass to me. Any suggestions on great green teas?

I have been trying to eat more fruits and veggies and drink more water. I haven’t been as good at this, but I figure small steps. I have an app on my phone that sends me messages about drinking water throughout the day. That’s helped a little. I usually have a banana as a part of my breakfast and an apple at work for lunch. And that’s about all the fruit I get. My goal is 4 servings, so I need to add a serving to lunch and dinner. Vegetables is worse. I try to get a serving in at lunch and dinner, but I usually don’t! I really want to get a juicer and start making smoothies as a better way of getting them down. But until I can finance that dream, I need to pull out my blender and get to work!

As far as exercising goes, this is a category have I have improved from doing nothing (and being proud of it) to actually looking forward to working out. I found a groupon online for the cutest yoga studio back in late December. I made it a goal to workout everyday I was off work for winter break and have been going about 3-4 a week since.  I have been doing a mixture of pilates, yoga and zumba whenever I have a moment away from the kids. I am in awe of people who’s bodies can do amazing things. Just this evening, I went to a gentle yoga class and the grandmother who was teaching it was so flexible! (she really is a grandmother – her licences plate was yoginana). Amazing! Now, I have a few non-weight related goals including being able to do crow’s pose by December!

Every day, I test my pressure twice and promise myself I’ll take my medication if the monitor said I was in the stage 1 range (140-159/90-99). Now that I exercise and eat/drink better, it’s consistently in the pre-hypertension range (aka normal high). If I continue, I am hoping to get in normal range by the time my next check in February.  Finger’s crossed!

When Life Gives You Lemons, Take em!

20140113-170107.jpgI woke up this morning with a horrible sore throat and extremely sore. I blamed the soreness on doing Yin Yoga the day before as well as zumba. My husband was suspicious of my self-diagnosis and made me some herbal tea to soothe my weary body. “Too bad we don’t have any lemons,” he commented as he handed the mug to me.  As the day progressed, my symptoms worsened. After attending two meetings that I couldn’t miss, I relented and left work. On my way out, I noticed some beautiful lemons in the break room my coworker was giving away! I have never been so excited about lemons. Now I am laying in my bed sipping herbal tea infused with lemons! (If I wasn’t also playing referee between my children, it would actually be relaxing) In other news, my son is also sick with strep and a nasty skin infection which was revealed at an unexpected doctor’s visit ($15 copay). The husband headed to Target for all kinds of antibiotics, skin creams and cold medicines (~$32). The kind of things emergency funds are great for. Oh, if we only had one!