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I had high hopes of ending the year with only our mortgage debt. However, no matter how long I stare at my budget spreadsheets, I cannot magically find any more money to payoff our AC bill. Our water heater decided to start a prolonged death three weeks ago. I was hoping to make it to January before having to replace it. After some really cold showers last week, we decided to make the call and have it repaired today. I have reduced our budget for gas and food and our automatic college fund for the kids by 75%. But still, there is no extra money that I can find to put towards debt. I am giving myself a break and making this one of the first thing things I accomplish in 2015. I feel like a self-inflected weight has been lifted. Some times you have to reevaluate if your goals are realistic.

Warm baths make everything better!


Spending Day – Fail!

I almost made it though yesterday without spending. Despite waking up early, I packed a healthy lunch of red beans over rice and some fruit. Aside from going to work, I had no reason to spend any money. When I arrived to work after being out for 10 days, I saw “driving appointment” on my schedule. Several times a month, I have to drive about 20 miles round trip to an off-campus location for work. Usually I take the company car, but it was booked for the day. Despite being out of the office, I was still confident that I could go the day without pulling out the trusty wallet. A few minutes into driving, my gas light (aka the signal of doom) came on. I tried to convince myself that I could do all the driving I have to do on the little gas I had. But as the needle continued to lower as I drove and all creative thoughts of getting gas without paying for it vanished, I knew I had a gasoline purchase in my immediate future. Pulling into the gas station, I felt defeated (despite finding a great price). I should have stopped there, but it was as if I opened the flood gates. All of a sudden I needed bananas at the local grocery store. Of course a simple banana purchase turned into several other purchases totaling $17. I also found myself at the my favorite thrift store for kids clothing and I ended up spending $12 on clothing and costume for my daughter! Complete failure!

Well today is a new day and I determined to make it through! Nothings going to stop me today! No spending day #3, here I come!