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Well boo!

I was excited to share that I found a pizza brand my son could eat! Tonight both kids had Daiya’s cheese lover’s pizza. Personally, I feel like the taste is a little bizarre, but they enjoyed it. Add one to the “can eat” pile, I thought! A few hours later, King has been itching pretty bad and his skin looks like its reaction to something. So much for that! Looking back at the ingredients, I am assuming his seed allergy didn’t like the milled flax seed and/or expeller pressed safflower oil. I wish his body would stop thinking food is the enemy!! Grr! One step forward, one step back!

Day #5 of no spending. In fact, my husband came home to eat lunch instead of eating out! How amazing is that?!


Not a gluten for punishment

(Okay, that’s the last of my cheesy wheat-themed titles, I promise)

I can totally do the gluten free business! The other day I decided to google “recipes for kids’ allergic to everything”.  That search led me videos and articles about kids who really can’t eat anything at all. My son might have quite a few allergies, but there are still so many thing he can eat. Definitely counting my blessings.

Food for King can be divided easily into three categories. The first are the food that my son either spits out or just refuses to swallow. The main victims in this category are veggie and fruits. We have had a quite a few moments of those recently. Then, there are the food he’ll only eat if I spoon feed him. Today we discover a new addition to this list: Amy’s kitchen lentil soup. He ate about 1/4 of cup of it before he realized he “didn’t” like it. I was pretty surprised since I myself thought the taste was a bit odd. Last are the things he loves and will ask for seconds and thirds. Tonight, he kept asking for more gluten free fish sticks and ketchup. It thrills me to witness my son happily eating. This truly has become the highlight of my day when it goes right. King’s appetite has been incredible. In fact, his teacher asked me today to pack more for him to eat during lunch. The shock of the new allergy has worn off and we are in the thick of it. I’m finally feeling like its going to be alright.

Wheat, I can barley hear you?

My husband is a wonderful person. (I am either reminding myself or trying to convince myself at this point.) On most areas we agree. But when we disagree, it seems like we are light years apart. Topic of today’s disagreement: my son’s allergies. He is upset that I am trying to remove gluten from his diet. He doesn’t understand why I updated his allergy chart at school. In his words, “We can’t keep him away from all the foods that he’s allergic to!” Umm, yes we can! Why as a mother would I purposely give my child food that I know makes him miserable?! My husband said that I am babying him and he needs to get use to the itching. Excuse me!?! I don’t even know how to respond to this foolishness. I realize that he grew up with allergies which makes him feel like he’s an expert (and knows more than say a doctor and some lab tests?!?). So, I guess we agreed to disagree with out agreeing really, but just disagreeing. The joys of married life.

Luckily I am the mom in this situation and the one who mostly feeds him. My plan is to get a solid 14 gluten free meals that I can use for lunch and dinner. Here’s where I am at:

Lunch options/good cold

  1. Rice and Quinoa mix
  2. Quinoa and black beans

Dinner options

  1. Amy’s Dairy Free Rice Macaroni & Cheeze
  2. Daiya’s Cheeze lover’s pizza
  3. Rice pasta and marinara sauce

Obviously, I have a quite a few more to come up with. I can do this, even if it’s all by myself.