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Catching up!

My week became extremely busy and I lost track of keeping track. Here’s a recap of where I am at:

2/3 – Zero spending

2/4 – Spending:

Gas: $34.56
Target: $40.65 (general household items like Advil and soap)
Son’s doctor’s appointment: $15
Parents night out for Feb 13: $20

2/5 – So, here’s what happened:

My daughter had a belt test in her taekwondo class. The instructor announced at the beginning of the ceremony that each kid would get tested, earn their belts and then the parents would take the kids out for ice cream. I am not really sure why he decided to say that! Sure enough, my kids were begging for ice cream at the end. I thought about my no-spending day challenge and how I had gone the whole day without spending. I tried to come up with a way to get free ice cream for a few minutes, but then caved. I sold some of their clothes for $15 the day before, so I used that money to purchase $6.48 worth of frozen yogurt.

So far, only two days of non-spending.


Rethinking the budget, again!

I probably spend way too much time obsessing over our budget. In an ideal world, I’d be throwing every penny I have into paying off our mortgage and truly being debt free. However, I know myself. I could easily lose track of the important things in life on a quest to eradicate debt. What does Suze Orman say, “People first, then money”? My family should be a priority when I look at how we spend money. And myself! Hey, I am a person too, right? So with that, I have decided to automatically contribute to an IRA account. Its only going to be $150 a month, but I thought I should start some where. Since I don’t have a 401K at work anymore, its important that I do this. I should be maxing out my IRA, but that is a goal for another year. If there is any money left over at the end of the year, I will trying to add more.

Financial Goals for 2015
Roth IRA – $1,800
College funds for the kids ($100 a month per kid) – $2,400
6 months emergency fund – $20,000
DC trip (summer) – $4,000
Louisiana trip (Thanksgiving) – $4,000
Total money to save this year: $32,200

Savings to date: $228.41
Cash back from credit card: $55.04
Savings from 1/9 paycheck: $173.37
Needed to goal: $31,971.59

Post Vacation Blues

My husband and I had an amazing time on our vacation to Puerto Rico. I was hesitant to go since it seems like there is always so many other things I could have use the money on. However my husband was insistent that we celebrate 10 years of marriage in a big way. After researching locations in California, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, we were surprised at the good deals we found to San Juan. This is probably because now is the end of hurricane season. We brought some great Arizona weather with us and had little to no rain while we were there. I took out a budgeted amount of money for our trip in cash and tried to be really good about where our cash was going. (I am inspired to continue cash only now that we are back actually). We said in budget primarily having pre-purchased most of our expenses before leaving through We stayed in an independently owned hotel that served a made to order breakfast every day! So delicious! They also offered dinner one of the nights we were there as well. (Not really that good, but hey it was “free”). You know its a great vacation day when you spend a total of $20 on meals and gifts! I highly recommend a visit to San Juan!

Now that I’m back, I am hoping to continue to do right by our budget! If I can meal plan, have no spending days and stick to our budget, I think we can do it!