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Blessings all around!

My husband was right; he did receive a bonus today. I check my bank accounts as part of my morning routine and was extremely happy at the semi-unexpected surprise. So filled with joy, I blew off work and went on a shopping spree! Just kidding! I am not THAT irresponsible. Over several texts, the hubby and I hashed out our plan to spend the money. The conversation went something like this: Me: “You did get a bonus. This is what I did with the money. Sound good?” Him: “Sounds good.” Now that’s a good man for you.

So what did I do? First order of business was to get our credit card balance to zero (yet again!) which was about 46% of the bonus. It feels great to be at zero again. Now I can focus on keeping it there and proper budgeting as opposed to worry about that debt and interest. 19% went into our savings for our emergency fund. That felt great! We decided to use the last 35% on a few non-pressing items that we have been putting off. These include: 1) car registration and emission test due on 2/15 2) my husband’s Vegas trip in early February and 3) one new tire for my car. If there is money left over after the Vegas trip (which I doubt), I will tuck that into savings as well. (And no need to panic about Vegas, we don’t gamble. My husband is competing for a national community service award, so he’ll be on good behavior.)

20140123-232709.jpgOverall, I feel blessed that a “crisis” was averted. I have been doing a lot of reading on personal finance (Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman, etc.) and processing everything. I am not exactly ready to jump onto one particular plan just yet, but I’m getting there. On the way home from work, I found myself thinking, “Just pick up dinner. We can afford to spare a few extra bucks!” However, some where I found the will to drive home and get creative with what we had for dinner. Per their requests, my son has apple cinnamon oatmeal and my daughter had kosher hot dogs. I threw all the leftovers in the fridge together including pasta, rice, quinoa, turkey and sprinkled some shredded cheese on it. It actually wasn’t that bad; not wasting money (and food) is delicious!


When Life Gives You Lemons, Take em!

20140113-170107.jpgI woke up this morning with a horrible sore throat and extremely sore. I blamed the soreness on doing Yin Yoga the day before as well as zumba. My husband was suspicious of my self-diagnosis and made me some herbal tea to soothe my weary body. “Too bad we don’t have any lemons,” he commented as he handed the mug to me.  As the day progressed, my symptoms worsened. After attending two meetings that I couldn’t miss, I relented and left work. On my way out, I noticed some beautiful lemons in the break room my coworker was giving away! I have never been so excited about lemons. Now I am laying in my bed sipping herbal tea infused with lemons! (If I wasn’t also playing referee between my children, it would actually be relaxing) In other news, my son is also sick with strep and a nasty skin infection which was revealed at an unexpected doctor’s visit ($15 copay). The husband headed to Target for all kinds of antibiotics, skin creams and cold medicines (~$32). The kind of things emergency funds are great for. Oh, if we only had one!