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The ATM Ate My Money!!

So, the big question is how have I been doing with my no spend November! Well, as life goes, there have been quite a few challenges along the way. Here’s a summary of days 3, 4 and 5:

Monday, November 3rd – Jump into a panic when I log into my bank of america account and realize my account is off by $839. After some quick investigating, I realized that instead of paying a bill of $839 from my credit union which had that exact amount in it, I used my bank of america account by accident! After triple checking to make sure I was not going to overdraw my account, I decided to ignore finance all day. I treated myself to Carl’s Jr turkey burger because I was stressed out.

Tuesday, November 4th – The piano teacher cancels leaving me with $120 in cash to not be tempted to spend until the next week. I did pretty good on Tuesday and had no spending day #2.

Wednesday, November 5th also known as disaster day – Woke up late for the field trip I was chaperoning and didn’t have time to prep and pack lunch for myself and my daughter. Ending up taking $20 from the piano teacher money and buy us breakfast and lunch for the day. Later that day, I decided to withdraw money from my credit union and deposit it into my bank of america account. I swung by an ATM to make the deposit like I have done numerous times. Well, the machine malfunctioned in a horrible way. It took my $839, spit out $38 of it and only gave me credit for $300. I sat in my car in tears holding $38 dollars and freaking out that $501 of my hard earned money was gone forever! I immediately called bank of america and after getting transferred around was told that they would investigate. I was not happy to hear the word “investigate” and let them know. They then told me a temporary credit of $500 was going to be placed in my account to cover any expense I might have. So far the credit is still there, but I am a bit worried that some crazy situation will happen and they will not give me my money back! And even if the temporary credit gets cleared up, they still owe me a dollar!!

Yeah…not the month of dreams I was hoping for so far!