Day #3 – Can’t Stop, Will stop

One of these days, I will make it through the day without spending any money. Yesterday was not that day. We normally do grocery shopping on Sundays. By “shopping our pantry”, I realized we could mostly make it through the week with the groceries we had. I picked up only four items and only spent $2 after using an $8 coupon I had. For the fruit for the week, I found some discounted organic apples that looked fine (and actually taste great). I am hoping to really reduce our grocery bill but more on that on another day. I also had lunch with my best friend who I rarely see. It was wonderful laughing, sharing fears and just enjoying each other’s company. I used a groupon I had purchased a while back and only paid taxes and tip for about $8. I also used a shopkick gift card to pick up dishwasher detergent. Not a bad low spending day.

Gratitude moment: My husband watched the both our kids and my best friend’s child so that I could spend so much need time with my girl.


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