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Trying to End on a Good Note

I have spent the last few days sick with the flu and pretty miserable. There’s nothing worse than having time off and feeling too weak to enjoy it! I’ve tried to remain in good spirits as my husband went out and spent time with our friends. It was the holidays after all. Overall, I’ve been pretty grumpy and generally annoyed. I did discover that I can stream cable to my iPhone and kindle which made laying in bed a little more comfortable (my husband accidentally broke my glasses making it impossible for me to see the TV in the “far” distance).

But this is going to be a happy blog post! 2015 will be a great year, right?! In the last two weeks, I have become aware of some of the “battles” I have in store. My son’s school sent us home a notice that they think he should get an evaluation for speech delays. He’s been in speech therapy before, but I thought he was progressing along nicely. I have noticed that sometimes he talks like he’s on one of the kids shows he watches “Where are we going next, Mom?” The same week, I received my daughters reading and writing evaluation. Like I have suspected since she was in kindergarten, she was diagnosed with mild dyslexia. She also has moderate dysgraphia, a writing disorder. The place that tested her recommended $110 a week tutoring! Not doing that but I do need to get her some help. The tricky part is that she’s doing pretty well in school so that her teachers don’t really feel she’s got any issues. How could a student that’s getting A’s in writing have a disorder, right? So yeah, there’s that.

Happy post…must write a happy post. I reviewed my goals for 2014 and realized I didn’t accomplish most of what I set out to do! Its been hard to motivate myself to create resolutions for 2015 since this year didn’t turn as planned. BUT, I would say 2014 was a good year. I started working part-time at a job I love (although the grant might not get renewed next year) and I celebrated 10 years of marriage with my glass-breaking, desert me on the holidays husband in Puerto Rico. I have enjoyed the simple things like picking up my kids from school (not aftercare) and going on field trips with the kids when normally I would have to work. Actually even though I failed at most of my goals, I would say that 2014 was a great year!

So here’s to another wonderful year of failed goals!



I had high hopes of ending the year with only our mortgage debt. However, no matter how long I stare at my budget spreadsheets, I cannot magically find any more money to payoff our AC bill. Our water heater decided to start a prolonged death three weeks ago. I was hoping to make it to January before having to replace it. After some really cold showers last week, we decided to make the call and have it repaired today. I have reduced our budget for gas and food and our automatic college fund for the kids by 75%. But still, there is no extra money that I can find to put towards debt. I am giving myself a break and making this one of the first thing things I accomplish in 2015. I feel like a self-inflected weight has been lifted. Some times you have to reevaluate if your goals are realistic.

Warm baths make everything better!

When Budgeting Becomes Overwhelming

This is exactly how I am feeling about my budget right now…overwhelmed! Great post!

Budget + Brain = Success

OverwhelmedThere’s always a time throughout the year (or maybe several times) when I become completely overwhelmed by my budget.  I get tired of the continued “limitations;” I get tired of the constant planning; and sometimes I get tired of the slow results.  I just get this feeling that I’m not doing something right because things aren’t exactly how I want them to be.  During those times I just want to throw my budget to the side and enjoy this life to the fullest.  Then reality sets in….I’m not rich!  I have responsibilities and I have financial goals that I’m trying to achieve.  I also have to remind myself that it’s a completely natural feeling; and that anything good takes time and discipline.  I really have to remember that it’s a temporary feeling and not to do anything too drastic while I’m in this free spirited state of mind.

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