Monthly Archives: July 2014

July flying by…

I can’t believe this is my first post for the month of July! Life has kept me busy with all of its changes. I am still adjusting to everything, but feeling extremely happy and grateful for the direction it seems to be taking. This is my first week as a part-time employee. I am enjoying the freedom it has given me. I have been spending personal time reflecting on this life. It seems like I have gotten news of deaths of acquaintances and friends of friends. While only slightly affecting knowing that their loved ones are missing them, I have been thinking about how I can live my life more fully. I have been exploring personal spiritually (not gotten too far with it), but I am trying to use it to find more peace in my life. I have get to face the reduction in our household budget (that will take place in August). While I am nervous about it, I have not let it consume me as I definitely could let it. 

July has been great and I hope it continues to be peaceful. Wishing you peace as well!