Monthly Archives: June 2014

1/2 Way In

Tomorrow begins July and the later half of the year. I started this blog in search of finding balance in my life. I think I am actually getting there! Sure, I have a long way to go. But I am content with the choices I am making and the direction I am going in. In fact, I am happier than I have been in quite some time. As my days of full-time employment wind down, my head seems less clogged. It has been a wonderful change not to be multitasking at every waking moment of the day. (this might just be due to the kids being with my in-laws though)

So what are my hopes and plans for the coming year:

  1. Be present with my children more! Now that I have more time to spend with them, I don’t want to be distracted all the time.
  2. Focus on minimalism and enjoying the things in life that are free.
  3. Having a savings plan for retirement and in-case-of-job-loss, but not become overwhelmingly focused on money and material things.
  4. Practice yoga every day.
  5. Find simple ways of celebrating my husband and our 10 years of marriage.
  6. Develop a social support system for myself and my family through meaningful friendships.

I am really looking forward to having greater balance in my life! I hope you continue on this journey with me.


Best Husband Ever!

In September, my husband and I will be celebrating 10 years of marriage. While I have a somewhat cynical outlook on anniversaries (marriage is supposed to last; why are we celebrating), it turns out that my husband is quite the romantic. This year, he has asked several times what we are going to do. Recently, as I was looking over the budget trying to figure out how to make my part-time situation work, I showed him several options. He nodded quietly and then added, “So, I guess we aren’t going to do anything for our 10 years, huh?” A little annoyed, I responded tersely, “We need to make paying our bills top priority!” 

Yesterday, I came home from work to a surprise candlelit dinner. My husband had prepared a three course meal (with the help of Trader Joe’s). After overindulging on amazing food, he brought out two champagne glasses filled with sparkling apple cider. As he raised his glass, he said, “Happy 10 year anniversary.” In that moment, I realized how much meaning this has for him. I was so grateful that he took the time to think about how we could have this simple celebration and made it memorable. I now understanding how important making this milestone is for him and what he wants to acknowledge.

Today, I have been thinking about what I can do to thank him closer to the actual date that is budget friendly. Where can I stash the kids (not literally) for a few hours or days that we can show thanks for the blessing that is our marriage? Operation 10 Year Celebration is in full effect!


More Yoga Please

I truly love practicing yoga. When I am in the midst of an amazing flow and my mind is concentrating solely on my body’s possibilities, I feel a true sense of balance. There is no dwelling in the past or fear of the future. Just me and my mat working with my body to push beyond the limits of what my mind thinks is possible. However, even with my love for it, I find myself lazy some days. Yesterday, my friend and I checked out a “karma” class and it was fantastic. After the class, we couldn’t stop discussing the powerful transitions and flows the teacher had for us. Yet, somehow I couldn’t convince myself to practice today. I wanted to go to a yin yang class on some level. But the part of me that didn’t want to go won. At first I was hard on myself, but then I realized I need to listen to my body. Perhaps my muscle needed a rest before I jumped into another class less than 24 hours later. Listening to your body is a huge part of yoga even if that means staying off the mat.

I really feel like yoga is changing me and allowing me to be more balance in my thoughts and actions. While its helping me physically to learn to balance, its also allowing me to gain balance in other areas too! I simply love it!