Yay, It’s May!

This month is already feeling much better that March and April! There’s great news on many fronts. Financially, I am fortunate to get 3 paychecks this month. Also, I don’t have to pay for my son’s uber expensive daycare since I already paid for May’s tuition in April. The kid’s activities are winding down allowing for less chaotic days. While there are a few anomalies occurring in our schedule, I am taking them all in stride! The budget is actually looking pretty good as well. I also finally got a call for an interview! I am tempering my expectations and trying to get too excited about the possibilities. Even if I don’t get, my current job stated I should be eligible for a raise in July. Additionally, they are looking into making me part-time which I would love!

All great things! How is May treating you?



3 thoughts on “Yay, It’s May!

  1. May seems to be starting in the right direction. We have been eating out more, but it’s how we choose to spend our time together. We also got our garden started up, so hopefully that will make up for some of the food expenses!

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