Monthly Archives: May 2014

Not a new chapter; Its a whole new book!

There has been quite a lot occurring my life lately and I have held off writing about it until everything sorted itself out. This week, I took a bold step to accept a part-time job! This is will bring in an entirely new chapter into my life. I am scared and excited. I know the decision is the right one for my family and I am praying that it is the right on for me. I have longed to be able to make being a mom front and center in my life. I am bless that I even have the possibilities of making this work. There will be so much to share on how I fill my time, how we stay in budget, how I will still save, what our new financial goals will be and more. Question after question is running through my mind. However, as soon as I accepted, I felt lighter and freer. 

I am ready to really start living in (and blogging for) balance!


Celebrating Family

I am a little bit quirky. I don’t like when I am forced to celebrate parts of human identity that I believe should be celebrated everyday. Days like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day annoy me because it is an honor to serve in these roles. When I see my husband being an excellent father, I try to remember to thank him in that moment.

On Mother’s Day, my hubby wanted to take me out to eat with the kids. I declined and instead asked for him to wash, dry, fold and put away the laundry (something he never does). He replied that he would only do it if I agreed to go to a restaurant on Mother’s Day. Thinking about our budget and knowing we had a $26.00 restaurant gift card coming to us in a few days, I offered to postpone when there would be less crowds. He agreed and being the great husband that he is, he did the laundry anyways.

Last Sunday, he reminded me of our deal so we enjoyed breakfast at Mimi’s cafe.  As we were waiting for our food, I caught an amazing moment between father and son. King was sharing something only a four year old would find amusing and my husband was giving him all of his attention. I am not a huge sharer of photos of the kids online, but this one warms my heart.




A Bunch of Random Things

Friday was day #4 this month for no spending. There always seems to be that one thing I have to pick up each day. Today was $3 for parking during an interview. Yesterday, my husband took us out for breakfast using a gift card. We went over the $26 by $2.90. Although I might not make my no spending goal this month, I continue to spend on budget and very little.

Remember when I said I cancelled my Hulu account? Two weeks ago, they sent me a message saying they would give me a free 2 weeks. Since it was finale season, I thought it would be a great way to watch some of my favorites (New Girl and Mindy Project). Today, I went to cancel my before I got charged. As I hit cancel, a messaged popped up asking me if I wanted a free two months. Ah, yes!! How nice of them. I know their plan is to get me hooked again. But its not going to work! In the mean time, I am going to enjoy all the crappy summer series until July 20th!

I received quite a few suggestions regarding motivation and the $24,000 I would need for 6 month “in-case-of-job-loss” fund. Thank you for those! Breaking that major goal into smaller ones seemed to be the consensus. I decided to create a goal to hit by December. That way, its feels smaller and more achievable. There’s a few ways I could come up with the number to save:

  1. $5,000 – Generally what I believe I can save this year without too much trouble. I have this automated, so it doesn’t seem to be much of a challenge.
  2. $6,780 – This is what we would need if I lose my job, but my husbands still has his.
  3. $17,220 – This is what we would need if my husband loses his job, but I still have mine. (clearly he makes way more than me)

I decided that I would try for goal #2 as it gives me a little bit of a challenge, but still room to be successful. Since our budget it pretty tight, I have decided to try to “snowflake” the extra $1,780 that I need over the automated $5,000. So far, I have already put $10 into savings that I got from selling some of the kids old clothes. Everyday, I am going to look for simple ways I can make my savings grow.

I feel re-energized and ready to go!