Target, my heart

I have been ignoring obvious things we need to purchase for a while. We ran out of dishwashing liquid, but who needs that. My daughter must have grown an inch over spring break and none of her pants fit her all of a sudden. I have been pretty creative with her outfits; I put her in dresses with leggings that could pass for capris instead of just short pants. Yesterday, I finally caved when I went to get some pain relief for a migraine and there was none. A few minutes later, I reached for my son’s allergy medicine and there was also none left. I knew it was finally time to brave the store I have been avoiding, Target. 

Overall, I was pretty good. I got some clothes for both kids that were buy 1, get the second 1/2 off. I also picked up a few household items and got $10 back in Target giftcards. I found myself picking up items, but them returning back where I found them because I didn’t really need them. After checking out, I headed over to the pharmacy department to pick up my medications. When I paid for them, the pharmacist handed me a coupon for save $5 with a purchase of $25. I remarked that I wish I had that coupon before I brought clothes for my kids. She then worked some receipt and coupon magic and handed $5! Very cool!

That was yesterday. Today, back to no spending with day #6 for the month! Have a great week everyone!


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