Monthly Archives: March 2014

My Poor Phone

So of course I break my phone on Friday. While I was on day #11 of work, my iphone fell out of my pocket on to the cement parking lot to its sudden death. Actually, it still works but the screen is not only cracked, but also missing pieces of glass. I finally had a chance to stop by the Sprint store and see what my options were. I am not due for an upgrade until November so basically my options were slim. I could a) update to the “Framily” (sounds like a scam) plan that is more than what I pay now and get a new phone for free b) use my insurance and pay $100 for a new phone or c) go to a cellphone repair store and pay $80. Whyyyyyy! Just when I am already extremely low on money, another unexpected expense comes up! I decided to go with the insurance and get a new phone since several buttons on my current phone don’t work. Hopefully this new one will last longer!

Boo on March! Boo!


Sunday Summary: March 30th

I am ecstatic that March and all its madness is finally coming to an end. Although I had some great moments in March, I am looking forward to a month of being less busy and spending less! I did a budget for April and again its not looking pretty with all the random expenses I have to pay for including taxes, my husband’s trip to Seattle and summer camp registrations. We have to catch up this month and I am willing to make the sacrifices we need to make it happen. The main goal of this month is to pay for everything with cash and end with no credit card balances. Here’s how I plan to do it.

1. Meal plan! This last month we completely went over our budget on food as we were feeding family and going out. Since our guest ate almost all of the food in our house, we are starting the month with very little groceries. My husband and I cooked for the week and he has promised to try to come home for lunch instead of eating out. I spent $76.07 on this week’s groceries which was under the $100 I have allocated per week!

2. Skipping funding the kid’s college funds. Each month, we put $100 in each of their 529 college savings account. This one I feel pretty guilty about, but I plan on adding extra money at some point when we are in better shape financially. Actually, one of the camps I signed my daughter up for is a robotics camp. The way I see it is I am investing in her college potential! 

3. Saying no to extra kids activities. We were supposed to take the kids to a Disney on Ice production in two weeks. I also plan on cancelling their swimming lessons. This again makes me a little sad, but we can’t do it all. They have plenty of other activities that we’ve already paid for or that we decided to keep! Some might say that they are in too many activities (Balance – Girls Scouts, dance, baseball, chess and Lego clubs/King – computer and gymnastics), but they are only young once!

I hope to share what my spending or (lack there of) and how well I am doing! I tried this month as best we could. April is definitely doable, we just have to try to be good and stick to the budget!

Counting Day 11

Today, I didn’t use my credit or debt card for any purchase. My account balances stayed the same from when I checked it at 6:00am this morning to when I rechecked it a few minutes ago. However, I did take out $95 worth of cash yesterday to pay for a few things including son’s hearing and vision test ($15) and my daughter baseball registration ($80). Since I withdrew the cash around 7pm yesterday, I had to wait until today to actually give the money to who it belonged. Yes, I technically spent the money today, but I withdrew the money yesterday. I kinda want to count today as a no-spending but I can’t really tell if I am just trying to fool myself.  

What do you think? Is today a no spending day?