Goals and Aspirations for 2014


  1. Build an emergency fund of $2,500 – FAIL
  2. Learn to live within our means by stop usage of credit card – FAIL
  3. Have at least 10 “no spending” days in January and increase each month – January yes, February yes, March yes, rest of the year FAIL!!
  4. Open a college savings account for our son Completed
  5. Having a consultation with a retirement adviser to see how we are doing/what we should do  Completed
  6. Get our retirement accounts in order Completed April 2014 (except for one stubborn account that doesn’t want to roll over!)


  1. Get my high blood pressure under control so I can off of blood pressure medicine – FAIL
  2. Exercise at least three times a week – Did well for 5 months; then FAIL rest of the year
  3. Eat at least 4 servings of fruit and 4 servings of veggies a day! –  Did well for 7 months; then FAIL!
  4. Keep my weight within the 125-130 range – FAIL!
  5. Drink 8 glasses of water a day – FAIL!
  6. Floss daily! – FAIL!

Family – FAILED ALL!

  1. Create and stick to an evening/nighttime routine
  2. Reduce amount of screen time my kids have from the out of control amounts to 1 hour a day during the week and 3 hours during weekends
  3. Do the dishes and one load of laundry every day

Spirituality – FAILED ALL!!

  1. Journal or blog everyday
  2. Find contentment and gratitude
  3. Live in the present and enjoy each moment I am blessed with
  4. Mediate or sit in silence each morning and evening

7 thoughts on “Goals and Aspirations for 2014

  1. I want “no spending days” that is something I’ve been thinking about to improve my personal budget and get away from relentless debit swipes. It may take a little bit of pre-planning, but isn’t that what personal budgeting is all about?

    1. Yes! It takes disciple since its so easy to just swipe and not think about! But the end results should make it worth it, right?

  2. Woo! You have some great goals and aspirations for this year. I see a few I need adopt in my own life. You took the first step by writing the vision down. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you miss some things here and there because any step in the right direction (no matter how small) is still progress. Best wishes to you on your journey towards your goals!

    1. Thanks! I tend to go a little overboard, but accomplish quite a few. I figure its best to shoot for a lot so I at least get some done!

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