My Hard Drive Crash

I am not sure why my less than 1 year old laptop decided it doesn’t want to work anymore! I opened it up Saturday night only to received a “can’t find boot drive”. The next day, I headed over to Best Buy and prayed for a quick fix. Of course, my laptop wasn’t having any of that. I was given two options. For $80, I could have it fixed within 3 days. Or for no money, I could have it shipped to the repair center and have it worked on for free. The only down side is that it could take more than 2 weeks. This was an easy choice for me! I’ll take the free option, thank you very much!

So, now I am laptop-less and using iPhone or my husband’s work computer. I’ll be taking a mini-break from blogging until my baby returns! :) Murphy’s law – gotta love it!

Spending Day – Fail!

I almost made it though yesterday without spending. Despite waking up early, I packed a healthy lunch of red beans over rice and some fruit. Aside from going to work, I had no reason to spend any money. When I arrived to work after being out for 10 days, I saw “driving appointment” on my schedule. Several times a month, I have to drive about 20 miles round trip to an off-campus location for work. Usually I take the company car, but it was booked for the day. Despite being out of the office, I was still confident that I could go the day without pulling out the trusty wallet. A few minutes into driving, my gas light (aka the signal of doom) came on. I tried to convince myself that I could do all the driving I have to do on the little gas I had. But as the needle continued to lower as I drove and all creative thoughts of getting gas without paying for it vanished, I knew I had a gasoline purchase in my immediate future. Pulling into the gas station, I felt defeated (despite finding a great price). I should have stopped there, but it was as if I opened the flood gates. All of a sudden I needed bananas at the local grocery store. Of course a simple banana purchase turned into several other purchases totaling $17. I also found myself at the my favorite thrift store for kids clothing and I ended up spending $12 on clothing and costume for my daughter! Complete failure!

Well today is a new day and I determined to make it through! Nothings going to stop me today! No spending day #3, here I come!

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Enthusiasm of a brown bag


This is a great post on the “power” of packing a lunch. For the month of September, I was constantly purchasing $8-$10 meals during lunch time mostly due to lack of planning and prep! October is going much better, but it still is tempting. I work close to some really great places to eat!

Originally posted on Fabulous & Money Savvy:

Isn’t it amazing that most people want change without willing to put forth the effort? Living paycheck to paycheck is all too familiar to many. Believe it or not, small changes can make the biggest difference. Where can you begin? As simplistic as it sounds, the solution starts with you.

What makes matters worse when thinking of how to save money is that you actually fail to save. It is amazing how often I see individuals eat out for lunch daily, only to complain they are broke before payday. When asked, “Why don’t you pack a lunch”? I was told that no one likes to eat leftovers. So, let me get this straight. You would rather go broke, not have an emergency fund, and live from paycheck to paycheck, than eat leftovers? Now, that’s ridiculous!

A brown bag lunch can change your future forever. This simple gesture will improve…

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