Well that’s awkward…

Since who wants to look at budgets, I decided to take a look at our weekly schedule. While there is much variation with the kids activities from day to day, I figured I could create a plan for the morning and evening routines. The first thing I started with was when we need to get up in the morning. I actually had to pause for a second when I realized I had no idea what time I needed to get up in the mornings! Its no wonder our mornings always seem hectic! 

Starting this week (well, midweek), I am going to focus on waking up at 6:30am to get myself ready for work and pack lunches. Then, I’ll wake the kids up at 7am and leave the house at 7:30am. (Sidenote: my daughter has a school activity that starts at 7am on Wednesdays, so I will have to adjust our schedule – 6:00am wake up for me, 6:20am wake up for the kids, 6:50am leave the house). 

As for the evening, our activities seem to all end around 6pm (except when soccer season starts and that will end at 7:00pm). Our dinner hour will be from 6-7pm. My daughter will have an hour and 1/2 for homework. That seems like a lot for a second grader, but that includes martial arts and piano practice. For my son, that will be a good time for me to work on his letters and numbers in preparation for kindergarten next year. From 8:30-9:00, I’ll wrangle them to take baths and get in the bed with lights out at 9:00. After they are tucked away, I’ll spend 9:00 on prep for the next day and tidying up the house. 9:30-10:30 will be my time to be productive or not (read candy crush, horrible reality TV shows and/or crappy romance novels time!) Well, I am going to give it a try starting tomorrow. (Tonight we have a school activity from 5:30-7:30!)

Does that sounds like a lot? Just writing that all up stressed me out! 

Random thoughts on 9/9

Life is never going to be perfect. I need to accept this and move on. As I struggle to find balance and contentment, I must remember that there will hardly be a span of time that life is perfect. Yes, I hope to have many moments that are. However, balance is not something that is achieved and then remains stagnant. Every day I will have to work on it for it to come to fruition. I have put in place aspects that lend itself to a more balanced life. I am slowly finding that I have to put in effort daily to reap the benefits of a more relaxed life filled with more of the things I want to be doing. 

Now that I am working part-time, I find myself thinking more about all the things “I should be doing” as a mom. While before I gave myself more leeway to not be the idealized version of what I thought was a perfect mom. I suddenly feel this pressure to be super-mom now that I spend 11 hours less a week at work. I am not sure I am using the hours I have gained productively. I still feel like we are always rushing around and I definitely haven’t gained any personal time. As a matter of fact, I feel like I have lost it. What’s a girl do to? 

One of the things that is in my control is the number of hours I work. I am required to work between 20-29 each week. I have been maxing my hours to 29 because our budget is out of control. Perhaps if I get our finances back in line, I can reduce my hours to 20 which would be a great help! This would free up both Wednesday and Friday mornings to get things done without the kids. 

Well, it looks like its time to reevaluate the budget…again! Why does everything come back to money?!

I am back and I am broke!

It’s the beginning of September and I have decided to recharge myself through this blog. When we last met, I was entering a new phase of being a part-time employee and an “even fuller-time” mom. I was both excited and nervous about this new chapter. As I just finished up my first month of our new schedule, I am getting a clear sense of the pros and cons of this situation. First the pros:

  1. I absolutely love having more time for my family. Three days a week, I get to be one of those “cool moms” that picks their kids up when school actually ends. (I am saying the “cool” part with much sarcasm. While I do enjoy it, I totally understand that its not possible for all parents.) 
  2. I am really enjoying a new work atmosphere and learning new skills which proves I was at my old job too long.
  3. I feel less overwhelmed on a day to day basis. Yes, scheduling takes a little more thought, but its nothing like it used to be!

The Cons:

  1. I have suddenly become horrible at finances. I think we have not adjusted our spending to reflect our significant drop income.
  2. My “me time” has evaporated. I am not sure how or why this has happened, but I am finding that I have stopped doing yoga, blogging and doing the things I enjoy.

I have decided to get back to me and start blogging again for personal and financial balance! 

Its good to be back!