I am back and I am broke!

It’s the beginning of September and I have decided to recharge myself through this blog. When we last met, I was entering a new phase of being a part-time employee and an “even fuller-time” mom. I was both excited and nervous about this new chapter. As I just finished up my first month of our new schedule, I am getting a clear sense of the pros and cons of this situation. First the pros:

  1. I absolutely love having more time for my family. Three days a week, I get to be one of those “cool moms” that picks their kids up when school actually ends. (I am saying the “cool” part with much sarcasm. While I do enjoy it, I totally understand that its not possible for all parents.) 
  2. I am really enjoying a new work atmosphere and learning new skills which proves I was at my old job too long.
  3. I feel less overwhelmed on a day to day basis. Yes, scheduling takes a little more thought, but its nothing like it used to be!

The Cons:

  1. I have suddenly become horrible at finances. I think we have not adjusted our spending to reflect our significant drop income.
  2. My “me time” has evaporated. I am not sure how or why this has happened, but I am finding that I have stopped doing yoga, blogging and doing the things I enjoy.

I have decided to get back to me and start blogging again for personal and financial balance! 

Its good to be back!


July flying by…

I can’t believe this is my first post for the month of July! Life has kept me busy with all of its changes. I am still adjusting to everything, but feeling extremely happy and grateful for the direction it seems to be taking. This is my first week as a part-time employee. I am enjoying the freedom it has given me. I have been spending personal time reflecting on this life. It seems like I have gotten news of deaths of acquaintances and friends of friends. While only slightly affecting knowing that their loved ones are missing them, I have been thinking about how I can live my life more fully. I have been exploring personal spiritually (not gotten too far with it), but I am trying to use it to find more peace in my life. I have get to face the reduction in our household budget (that will take place in August). While I am nervous about it, I have not let it consume me as I definitely could let it. 

July has been great and I hope it continues to be peaceful. Wishing you peace as well!

1/2 Way In

Tomorrow begins July and the later half of the year. I started this blog in search of finding balance in my life. I think I am actually getting there! Sure, I have a long way to go. But I am content with the choices I am making and the direction I am going in. In fact, I am happier than I have been in quite some time. As my days of full-time employment wind down, my head seems less clogged. It has been a wonderful change not to be multitasking at every waking moment of the day. (this might just be due to the kids being with my in-laws though)

So what are my hopes and plans for the coming year:

  1. Be present with my children more! Now that I have more time to spend with them, I don’t want to be distracted all the time.
  2. Focus on minimalism and enjoying the things in life that are free.
  3. Having a savings plan for retirement and in-case-of-job-loss, but not become overwhelmingly focused on money and material things.
  4. Practice yoga every day.
  5. Find simple ways of celebrating my husband and our 10 years of marriage.
  6. Develop a social support system for myself and my family through meaningful friendships.

I am really looking forward to having greater balance in my life! I hope you continue on this journey with me.